How to Donate

Burst Management 08.9.2019

IMPORTANT: We are not forcing each and everyone of you to support and donate, but we encourage you guys, especially if you enjoy the game! Even a small donation would help us big time!

Please do note that the money that we will be receiving WILL NOT and WILL NEVER BE expended for personal use, the funds that we will be receiving is and will only be used for the server’s monthly security features!


  1. OUR DONATION RATE IS 1 PHP : 1 E-point
  2. Minimum Donation 200PHP.

  1. Please also do note that donation is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.
  2. Transfer fee will be shouldered by the sender and not counted as donate.



How to top up E-POINTS?

  1.           1. Choose your mode of payment donation.
  2.           2. Screenshot your receipt as a proof of payment.
  3.           3. Fil-up this form, insert image and SUBMIT ticket. (CLICK ME!)
  4.           4. Leave message to our chatbox for donation process.


Donation process time is depends on Admin/Staff availability.